Customers want security before storage

Simon Sharwood

Storage vendor Network Appliance "...takes more calls on security than on storage at the moment," according to Mark Heers, the company's Director, Marketing and Alliances for Australia and New Zealand.

Heers told TechTarget ANZ that storage buyers are clearly getting the message that security needs to become a part of their storage regimes.

"There is clearly customer demand to put security into the storage layer," he said.

"They want to know if they can reliably delete data and to be sure that tapes are encrypted before they move them to and from storage."

"It is clear that this really is an approach for the future."

Heers also announced a range of enhancements to the company's storage management software, plus a new mid-tier storage device, the FAS3070 storage system, capable of handling 25 terabytes of data.